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Virus Help!

We understand that at some point your computer may fall prey to a virus.  

If you think your computer may be infected, follow this link 
and then click on SCAN NOW.

Warning: There have been many new viruses coming out as well as the older ones still in circulation, they are getting into computers directly from the web as well as from emails, TC Computers is now recommending that you do use virus protection programs on your machines. Follow the link below for information or to download the recommended software.

Click Here for a great Free Anti-virus program!

The following links are removal tools for some common viruses that have affected our area, if  you are sure have been infected with any of the listed viruses, click on the link to download the fix, then run the program.

Stinger - self-running virus detection and repair tool.

Symantec Removal Tools - this link will take you to symantec's web site for removal tools.

FxSasser.exe This tools is provided by Symantec. it works on the W32.Sasser.B.Worm and W32.Sasser.Worm.  If you have Windows ME or XP on your system, be sure to disable system restore before running this fix.

MBLAST Removal Tool!

KAK Clean This will remove the KAKworm virus from your computer. It will let you know if you have the virus and will give you the option to download the EYEDOG patch from Microsoft so that you don't get infected again.

PE_CIH Removal Tool (Only advanced users should attempt to use this tool, if you think you are infected with this virus follow the link above and have Housecall scan your machine)

I Love You Virus Removal Tool This will remove the ILOVEYOU virus from your computer.

98SE Shutdown Fix (this is not a virus, but this tool is helpful)

TC Computers is not responsible for incorrect use of these tools.  We have included these tools to our site for the convenience of those who are able to use them.  If you need further assistance with these tools or have a virus not listed, please call us for assistance.